About me

Hi, I'm Ashley Bayes. I'm an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and a DVSA Qualified Fleet Driver Trainer. I'm a very calm and patient instructor with a variety of coaching techniques to cater for all personalities. I will generally teach in a casual, fun and professional manner. 

My journey to this point is probably not what you'd expect to hear from a Driving Instructor. I passed my test at 24 and never drove again until I was 26. When I got back behind the wheel I had forgotten how to drive and suffered some bad experiences on the road. I developed a bad case of anxiety and lack of confidence. I gave up. I avoided driving for as long as I could because quite frankly it terrified me. I knew this couldn't go on. I decided to fight this head on, regaining my understanding and control of the clutch pedal I got my confidence back and started driving regularly again. I never stopped there... I wanted to see how far I could go, not just with my driving skills, but with this new found mental strength I had. I thought I could really help others with similar problems and possibly help them get their licence or indeed get back on the road, like me.

I can really relate to my students state of mind and I know that mental strength is just as important as the driving skills on the roads today.

I teach in a 2019 VW Polo, manual car. It's a great car to learn how to drive in, it's easy to manoeuvre, very agile and has all the latest features you can expect in a modern vehicle. The ideal vehicle to get you Test Ready.