Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driver Training aims to reduce a companies fleet running costs, while improving the safety of it's employees.

Company car drivers are at a significantly higher risk on the road for a number reasons if not just because the mileage they cover. The average company car driver is on road for 18k miles a year compared to the private car user at 7.5k. This is 2.5 times more at risk. Some drivers, who are driving for work purposes cover 30k a year! Thousands of people die every year on UK roads that were driving for work.

Thankfully there are ways to dramatically reduce this risk. we have developed a form of training tailored specifically to the needs of fleet driving. Even if your a small business with 5 drivers, fleet driving training is still relevant for your staff because it's geared specifically to those who drive for any form of business purpose. This is all about assessing the risk of the drivers and provide 1-2-1 coaching and advice that not only benefits the driver but the business as well.

The end result is a substantial saving in your fleet running costs and the comfort of knowing that you've embarked upon a process of fleet driver training that aids compliance with fleet driving legislation, which in turn impacts upon all those who are responsible for your vehicles in the workplace. An added bonus of fleet driving training is that employees are more confident, more productive, more risk aware and become ambassadors for your brand while out on the road.