1. Paying for Lessons

1.1 You must pay for tuition prior to the start of your lesson. You can make payment:

  • By bank transfer
  • With your driving instructor using cash.

1.2 When requested, a receipt will be provided as proof of payment.

1.3 The lesson price is subject to change at any time.

2. Attending Lessons

2.1 Where applicable, prior to attending your initial lesson, you must generate a check code and email/text this code, together with the last eight characters of your driving licence number to your driving instructor or  Test Ready Driving School. This information will only be used to validate your driving licence. A check code can be generated by visiting the DVLA website. Failure to provide the requested information may result in you being charged the full amount for the initial lesson.

2.2 You must present your valid UK or International driving licence to your driving instructor prior to the start of your initial lesson. You must also pass an eyesight check. Should you fail to provide your driving licence and/or fail the eyesight check, Test Ready Driving School will refuse tuition and/or cancel any lessons you have booked with them. You may be charged the full value for the initial lesson.

2.3 You must notify your driving instructor of any matters existing at any time that may affect your ability or entitlement to have driving tuition, for example, but not limited to, any lack or loss of a valid driving licence. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of any lessons booked and you may be charged the full value of those lessons.

2.4 If your driving instructor deems you unfit to attend your lesson due to alcohol, drugs or illness, the tuition will be cancelled, but lesson fees may still apply.

2.5 You must give at least 48 hours notice to your driving instructor or Test Ready Driving School if you wish to reschedule or cancel a booking. Failure to do so may result in you being charged the full amount for that booking.

2.6 Where appropriate, following the delivery of each lesson, you will receive an email outlining the date, time and duration of the lesson.

2.7 Test Ready Driving School will not be held responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred due to cancellation of a lesson through vehicle breakdown or driving instructor illness.

2.8 Test Ready Driving School will reschedule your lesson at no extra cost to a date and time convenient to both you and your driving instructor.

3. Lesson Packages

3.1 Lesson packages may be purchased in blocks of 2, 8 or 16 hour blocks.

3.2 Once purchased, the lesson package price is guaranteed and not subject to price change.

3.3 Lesson packages are valid for a period of six months from the purchase date and must be utilised by the expiry date.

3.4 You will forfeit any funds not utilised by the expiry date and will not be permitted to use these funds to book further driving lessons.

3.5 Test Ready Driving School operates a no quibble refund policy. This policy only applies to lesson packages purchased with Test Ready Driving School.

3.6 You may apply for a refund of any remaining balance within your purchased lesson package prior to its expiry date. You will not be entitled to a refund after the expiry date.

3.7 To request a refund, please contact Test Ready Driving School on 07525 071415 or via email at testreadyds@gmail.com.

3.8 For security reasons, refunds will only be made to the card/bank account from which the original payment was taken.

3.9 If the card/bank account details are no longer valid, Test Ready Driving School reserves the right to verify the identity of the person requesting the refund and seek verification of the validity of any alternative card or bank account details provided by the individual.

4. Booking Your Practical Driving Test

4.1 Test Ready Driving School will work with you to meet your requirements and timescales for obtaining your full licence. Once you have passed your theory test you may book your practical driving test.

4.2 Test Ready Driving School encourages all pupils to book their practical driving test once they have passed their theory test. Please discuss a suitable potential date with your driving instructor prior to booking your test date.

4.3 Your driving instructor will advise you when you have met the requirements to take your practical driving test.

4.4 If your driving instructor advises that you will not be test standard by your practical test date, you may increase the number of lessons or postpone your test.

4.5 If you have not met the requirements for the practical driving test, but wish to continue with your original test date, Test Ready Driving School reserves the right to refuse to hire the tuition vehicle for the purposes of taking the test.

5. Intense Courses

5.1 Courses are based on the client's needs so content may vary based on the instructor's recommendations. Start date and test date will be agreed upon booking and the tuition times and schedules will be agreed by instructor and pupil.

5.2 25% deposit is required upon booking, which is non-refundable. The full balance is then required at least 2 weeks prior to start date. No other monies will be refunded unless 21 days notice is given. A receipt can be supplied if requested and a confirmation email will be sent out to confirm course. 

5.3 Test Fees cannot be refunded, TEST READY DRIVING SCHOOL cannot be held responsible for any test cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. If you wish to change dates of your course, you may incur a charge and should not be within 21 days of your start date.

5.4 TEST READY DRIVING SCHOOL will not tolerate threatening or abusive conduct and will have the right to cancel the course with no refund of monies.

5.5  TEST READY DRIVING SCHOOL reserves the right to cancel any course if they believe the student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and monies will not be eligible for refund.

5.6 In the event a mechanical breakdown of the instructor's car, it may be necessary to change course dates to suit the student and instructor.

5.7 With safety in mind, courses may be changed in the event of adverse weather.

5.8 The instructor reserves the right to cancel the test if the student hasn't met the required level and will provide a full explanation. Fees will be lost if the student stops attending lessons other than an emergency.

5.9 You are not permitted to transfer the benefits of your course to any other 3rd party.

6.0 48 hours will be given if a student's lesson is to be cancelled by the instructor.

6.1 Intensive courses can only be booked with a valid Theory pass certificate number.

Any comments or complaints can be sent in writing to testreadyds@gmail.com

7. Use of Personal Information

7.1 Information that you provide Test Ready Driving School may be used to:

  • Confirm your identity.
  • Contact you in any way (including mail, email, phone, visit, text or multimedia messages) about products and services offered by us, or which we feel may be of interest to you.
  • We may monitor and record communications with you (including phone conversations and emails) for quality assurance, legal, compliance and training purposes.

7.2 We will not share your details with any other person, company or organisation outside of Test Ready Driving School, except:

  • For being legitimately asked to provide information for legal or regulatory purposes or as part of legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings.